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22 Pre-owned A380s may become available between 2022 & 2029

  • Some aircraft leases are likely to be renewed.
  • Potential secondary leasing market opportunities with new-to-type entrant airlines and a potential P2F conversion.
  • Setting up Amedeo4Airlines is only one option.
  • The idea stems from (i) intensive dialogue with airlines in placing A380s from our order, (ii) observable trends in aviation, and (iii) cost efficiencies.
    • Aggregating lift to more than one airline on the same flight, with a few alliance partners/codeshare airlines.
    • Extending the network to other friendly clusters.
    • Potentially adding a gig economy player.
    • Simple fee per passenger/per type of service.
    • Short 2-3 year contracts with minimum guarantees for a block of seats.
  • Airline JV’s and codeshares have exposed consumers to a mixed flying experience.
  • Unbundled economy or business seats have become standardised.
  • Food is primarily third party catered.
  • Cabin Crew can be trained to serve multi-brands.
  • Single airline long-haul networks trend at 13 hours of aircraft utilisation per day.
  • If you cross the network border, 18 hour utilisation is possible.
  • 4-5 additional hours of flying reduces costs and increases revenue generated by the same assets.
  • US and European AOCs will go a long way.

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